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Is it possible to be a Slytherin and yet still be insecure and doubtful of yourself? Because I know some who were sorted into Slytherin who are like that.

yes absolutely, slytherins can usually feel like they’re not good enough. like the recent image, they build confidence from the “outside, in” meaning they fool people into thinking they’re confident and well adjusted, even if they might be extremely insecure. eventually the idea is that they have confidence slowly begins to become more and more real.

Slytherin Psychology

Slytherin Psychology

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Anonymous asked in parseltongue:
So, for the longest time, I thought I was a Gryffindor, 'till I got sorted into Slytherin... I've done a bit of research (both online and in my head x) ), and I've found that the two Houses are more alike than I previously thought... what do you think?

well, gryffindor and slytherin are considered contrasting houses, but they both have great ambition. the lead difference between the two is their methods; a gryffindor prefers a valorous victory, meeting his enemies face to face and a slytherin rather be waiting, planning it out, and attacking her enemies when they are vulnerable: emotionally, physically, or socially. gryffindors are also fine with failing the first time, but have amazing perseverance and will try again; while slytherins make sure failure is never the outcome. this might be because a gryffindor doesn’t seem to care what society thinks of him, while a slytherin is very cautious about her appearance to others (whether or not she admits it), because she needs respect, or at least fear, from her peers.

they are very alike, but it’s kind of like having a warrior, ready to rush into battle, travelling with a thief, or assassin, who wants to stay in the dark and attack from a distance or while the enemy is asleep. this is probably why the two houses butt-heads a lot.

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